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Sativa Magazine is the flagship publication of Vanguard Click Publishing, whose two-fold purpose is to educate the world about the benefits of Cannabis and to encourage the creation of sustainable jobs in legal, Cannabis-related businesses. Along with its partner publication, Indica Magazine, we carry this message to the community and to the policy makers who are literally writing the future of the Cannabis industry. We speak to the voters, educate the public, and help guide business leaders who are the hope and backbone of this industry.

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Sativa Magazine is going to print and making our first commercial.

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While we have seen great success from our digital edition of Sativa, the number one question we get from possible advertisers is, “Will you send me a copy?” They want to hold it and experience the magazine first hand. Currently, 70% of our readers are between the ages of 18 and 32. We need to reach the other 30% who prefer to read a physical magazine. Most successful business owners are above the age of 35. Without print, we are not reaching the majority of this demographic.

As the first stepping stone to releasing a print copy of our successful digital edition, we need to share with more of the world who we are and why we matter. To do this, we are raising money through our first campaign to create a video we can share with the world and let more people know who we are.  Funds successfully raised in this campaign to create our video will then be used to develop further fundraising through sharing our video and using this message to raise the capital we need to move Sativa and its sister magazine, Indica, to the print format.

Our currently all-volunteer staff, made up primarily of students and underutilized professionals, has worked tirelessly for nearly two years to build this dream. Without them, we would not be where we are today. As one of the leading authorities on the Cannabusiness community, we are well positioned to continue our ongoing efforts of creating positive change and serving to influence decision makers in the industry.

   Team Sativa


About Michael Carter
Everything in my life has prepared me for this mission. My sister’s name is Sativa. I studied business management, marketing and advertising in college. While I had the good fortune of working in media for a number of years after college, I was frustrated with the economy and was desperately looking for a way to make a positive change. The complete legalization of Cannabis in my home state of Washington came at a perfect time. As this new industry was born, I was more than well positioned to use my extensive media and marketing skills to make real positive change with the creation of Sativa Magazine.

My work building Sativa has taught me to become a better man. My life is no longer just about me; it’s about serving my readers and continuing to support the team I lead as we continue to work to solve the challenges we face every day. We’re not giving up. Sativa is here to stay.

Worker Assaulted And Fired For Smoking Dagga

“I have a child of four months, I don’t know how I will be able to support my family now” said the emotional worker who claim he was assaulted and then fired by his employer.


According to the worker his colleagues made it extremely hard for him at work since he saw them steal from the employer.

“I rather said nothing about the theft, I was scared as I didn’t know what they would do, they are very dangerous people” he added.

The worker claim his colleagues went to the manager to report that he had smoked dagga on the premises.

He was then confronted by the manager.

“At first I wanted to dismiss the claim, I felt obligated to speak the truth because these colleagues gave me dagga before, I then confessed and told him the truth, I did smoke dagga.

I tried to reason with the manager and tried to explain about the colleagues who stole from the business, but he didn’t want to hear any of it, he then started hitting me.” the worker said.

According to police spokesperson Mpho Manyoba the man claimed that he was assualted with a blunt object that left him with a fractured arm.

Manyoba confirmed that a case of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm has been opened and is under investigation.