Jeremy Vearey - Daggafarian T-Shirt

Top Cape Town Cop Loves Reggae Music

A T-Shirt worn by senior policeman Jeremy Vearey caused every national publication to pick a bone for a piece of sensationalism last year.

The photo went viral after DA official, Mark Wiley, caused a stir in public about the image showing  a top Cape Town cop wearing Rastafarian clothing. “..brandishing a dagga leaf logo” described Wiley.

Senior policeman Jeremy Vearey came under fire for wearing a t-shirt bearing the word “Rastafarian” and a dagga leaf, given to him as a farther’s day gift from his son, to an Equal Education march to parliament in June of 2013

Jeremy laughed it off as he explained that the T-Shirt was a father’s day gift from his two sons. He had only intended to wear it on the day to show appreciation to his son, after they had dared him to wear it to the march, and did not do so to condone drug use.  “There is nothing more to it,” he added.

Jeremy’s love for reggae music is well known publicly. Facebook users complimented him on his choice of clothing.

“Nice hey, like the T-shirt”, wrote Deon Safers.


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