Notice To Government Regarding Cannabis Use Unchallenged

On the 29th of April 2013 a notice was sent to the South African government regarding the cultivation, possession & use of cannabis. It was left uncontested.

Dagga law is as unconstitutional as was the Immorality Act of 1927.

A law is not self justified: Interracial relationships was illegal during Apartheid. Do you justify the enforcement of the Immorality Act during Apartheid because it was the law? NO, you racist!

If you are still lost with regard to how dagga law can be compared to the Immorality Act you need to go back to 1870 when the first dagga laws was introduced to control the Indian “slaves” in Durban.

Short excerpt on the history of dagga in South Africa

Dagga was first outlawed in South Africa in 1870 to control Indian workers in KwaZulu-Natal (Dagga is a traditional herb in the Hindu faith). By 1911 dagga was outlawed for all African natives except mine-workers and by 1925 the exception was revoked to control and oppress the members of the newly formed National Union of Mineworkers (NUM). Effectively doing so; by making Dagga illegal. The oppressive racist State disrupted the economic well being and culture of indigenous people.  Source:

The foundation of dagga law is based on racist oppression & segregation.

The notice to government challenged the scientific validity of dagga law.

The science is clear: Dagga is safer than alcohol & tobacco. The harms of prohibition far outweigh all the risk associated with even abusive dagga use.

We are Daggafarians, We are not criminals.


29 April 2013

RE: Cultivation, possession & USE of cannabis. Safer in the hands of the people, the beneficiary AND EXECUTOR of the last will and testament of God.

To whom it may concern

– as in context of (InI) Rastafari culture. Translated to WE in English.

As the beneficiary of the last will and testament of God I am allowed to anything as long as I do no harm to another.

You have 21 days to provide scientific facts as to why I am prohibited from cannabis.

If I do not receive scientific proof as to why I am not allowed to cultivate, posses and use cannabis within 21 days I will assume that I am allowed to cultivate, posses and use cannabis.

Cost of liability;
Breach / Violation of Rights

I, the beneficiary & executor of the last will and testament of God would like to make it publicly known that the cost of violation / breach of any
of my rights, especially related to cannabis, are subject to individual worth. However in light of the current situation regarding cannabis prohibition I
will seek the maximum value possible in your monetary system.

Cost of liability per any violation of rights:
R (infinite / ∞) Individual Worth

[Minimum but not limited to R 1000 000 000 or 25 000 times the current cannabis market value.]


The South Africa Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act no 140 of 1992 is in breach of my rights to cultivate, posses and use cannabis.


Dagga Movement
Dagga is a healthy lifestyle not a crime.


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