Why you need to be eating Hemp Hearts

We read all the time about how good turmeric is for us, and how celery is one of the most anti-inflammatory foods, and eating clean DEFINITELY makes me feel better overall, but recently I added hemp hearts to my diet in an effort to consume more plant-based healthy fats. It might sound dramatic, but …

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One thought on “Why you need to be eating Hemp Hearts”

  1. just want to say thank you, for such a great informative piece of information, it is refreshing in this age, when people prefer to be silent and secretive. It is nice to see that there are some people that appreciate creation, nature and our sense of having, wanting and needing access to it, it is a big problem in my life, I struggle with uneducated people and badly educated, dismissive and disrespectful people….it is why I am in this sad position of being dry and without friends who enjoy the herb as much as I do, in a town full of religious or irreligious weirdos…!

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