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#DaggaOps Environmental Impact Assessment

Finally after months our struggle for information has yielded success.

The South African Police Service forwarded a copy of the #DaggaOps Environmental Impact Assessment to the Dagga Magazine after a successful Promotion to Access to Information application.

We have only had time to skim through the 3 part report however the perspective dagga is viewed by the government is very grim.

View the #DaggaOps EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) at your own peril as it will even bring down the highest and happiest of daggafarians.

More to follow soon.

Link to #DaggaOps Environmental Impact Assessment:

Roundtable #DaggaDebate on #MedicalDagga

A two day conference in South Africa discussing the use of medicinal cannabis took place in Johannesburg.

8 hour audio recording of the conference.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Wellness Warehouse Answers

Recently we asked Wellness Warehouse some concerning questions regarding the product they sell as CBD Hemp Oil.

DM: What are the ingredients used in Wellness Warehouse CBD Hemp Oil and does your product contain Cannabidiol?

WW: The CBD Hemp oil is supplied by Coyne Healthcare this is not a Wellness Warehouse product, contact with Coyne Healthcare can be made directly via . It is available through various outlets and medical practitioners. The ingredients are stated on the packaging of the product. These are grape seed oil, vanilla bean extract and CBD. Sunflower oil is also present making up less than 1% of the product and this will be omitted in future production.

DM: Does Wellness Warehouse CBD Hemp Oil contain any genetically modified organisms or any other form of genetically modified ingredients?

WW: To the best of our knowledge no GMO additives have been included in the production of the product. This will be verified with the supplier.

DM: Is Wellness Warehouse CBD Hemp Oil an extract from the flowers of hemp or seeds?

WW: Seed and Stalk

DM: If Wellness Warehouse CBD Hemp Oil contains the cannabinoid Cannabidiol how much of the cannabinoid is present in the product?

WW: 100mg per 15ml

DM: If Wellness Warehouse CBD Hemp Oil contains the cannabinoid Cannabidiol how did your company manage to get past the red tape to be able to sell cannabinoids deemed illegal by the March 2014 amendments of the Drug & Trafficking Act of 1992?

WW: For more information on this please contact

DM: Is Wellness Warehouse CBD Hemp Oil sourced and manufactured in South Africa?

WW: The product is produced in the US.

DM: Have Wellness Warehouse externally tested the terpene profile of the CBD Hemp Oil? If so what were the results?

WW: Wellness Warehouse cannot independently test every product supplied to it by its suppliers. For further information contact

DM: Can the canabanoids in the oil be independently verified? If so, would Wellness Warehouse object to an independent analysis of the product?

WW: Yes they have best independently tested. The COA is available. The product supplies pure CBD with 0% THC.

DM: At R66.60 per ml Wellness Warehouse CBD Hemp Oil is out of reach for many people, why is this product so expensive?

WW: The product is produced in the US (paid for in US dollars) and shipped to South Africa. Due to the South African regulations specific small batches are produced to comply with South African requirements. Pure isolated CBD is an expensive ingredient and this can be verified by searching online and reviewing various suppliers of CBD based products.

DM: Are you aware that the effects of CBD are enhanced/potentiated by using it in conjunction with other cannabinoids including THC? This makes whole plant extracts far more therapeutically valuable than isolated cannabinoids.

WW: There are a number of studies based on isolated CBD. One can argue both ways and at this point there is no conclusive evidence proving one is better than the other. Whilst THC certainly has benefits it is illegal and also produces psychotropic effects which many people cannot tolerate long term when used therapeutically. Consider people who need to work , study, children or are tested for drugs.

DM: A reader brought this to our attention: “The information on the Wellness Warehouse website is misleading – They explain studies show CBD therapy can achieve some amazing results – however the information is shared in such a way as to convince the reader that one could expect these results from their product. These healing results are generally not achieved through dosing with products created from Hemp CBD; diluted into base oil, but rather achieved through dosing with full plant extract with a high CBD ratio.” Could you comment on this statement?

WW: This is not true. There are a number of CBD specific studies where pure isolated CBD is used. The article advises readers to do further research by visiting .

Refer to the following studies as examples of isolated CBD. There are many others…

DM: Is Wellness Warehouse CBD Hemp Oil safe to use on cancer patients and what is the success rate?

WW: There is no reason to believe there would be any negative interaction in cancer patients or any person using the product in the recommended form as per the instructions. It is however recommended that a person dealing with cancer or any form of a medical condition consults with a medical professional before starting with any new form of supplementation