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Public Statement Regarding Dagga Crop Spraying

To all South Africans:

We say we have banned drugs to protect the public even at the risk of exposing drug consumers to various herbicides and poisons not made known to the public.

We also disregard the latest medical findings and the fact that dagga laws were found on segregation and discrimination that was even further exploited by us when we were known as the apartheid regime.

Present day South Africa we tend to disregard the developments in the United States even though most of our dagga spray operations are encouraged and funded by the Unites States but more accurately the DEA. The same agency that is still enforcing dagga prohibition by defying 20 US states’ decision to legalize and regulate medical dagga.

We really care for you sheeple. Why do you think we have given you such amazing things like alcohol, tobacco, GM foods, shale gas exploration, etc?

Because we really love you so much that we risk killing a few people in the process of profiteering while attempting to clear the dagga problem.

We really care so much for you that we will put you in jail with hardened criminals just to make sure you never use, smoke or sell dagga ever again.

We do not care if you are doing it for your livelihood. We really do not care about what doctors, patients and scientists have to say about dagga.

Stop pestering us with requests for dagga reform! Why don’t you go to your nearest pub or tavern and have some release from the modern day struggles of life but please don’t drink and drive yourself home.

Yes we overlook parents morally accepting that their kids abuse alcohol because what we don’t know about we don’t care about.

Ha ha ha you got us. Yes before the ANC was unbanned way before 1994 the main financial income for the ANC came from the sale & distribution of dagga but we now have legitimate sources of funding so we really couldn’t care at the moment, we are however thinking of selling stock piles of rhino horn.

We are indirectly supporting organized crime by keeping dagga illegal and unregulated but there is too much as stake if we should regulate dagga.

We will not only lose out on profits from hunting down & housing dagga users, sellers and distributors but you have to think about the impact dagga bio oil could have on the oil industry not to mention the paper and cotton industries they are all at risk of major profits loss. We cannot have that happen even at the expense of in-humanely jailing people for a victimless crime.

Yes we do do not have evidence to present to you for what I am about to say but let me say to you we are responsible for any and all persons affected by poisons that reach dagga users because of desperate dagga growers pushing dagga that has been sprayed by the SAPS Air Wing Dagga Ops.

If you suspect that you have been a victim there is really nothing you can do about it. What we do is completely legal. Everything was done by the book.

We legally poison you.  You are not allowed to ingest any banned drugs a lot less toxic than herbicides in the first place.

You better do as we tell you sheeple!


Your government

** This letter is fictitious but could possibly be something that could be said if government spoke the truth about dagga.


The Green Depression

Many parts of South Africa is currently suffering from a ganja dry spell as daggafarians wait on the 2015 harvest. Areas relying on dagga from Swaziland and Lesotho are most affected.

The South African National Defense Force: Operation Corona has kept a tight ship on South Africa’s borders, confiscating nearly 10 000kg* of dagga in 2014 with the majority of confiscations taking place between September & December.

Meanwhile the South African Police Service have also clamped down on local supply, confiscating a whopping 25 000kg* between August and December 2014.

The South African Police Service Air Wing has also had a major hand in the dry spell with DaggaOps that routinely spray dagga crops in South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland by helicopter with glyphosate, a deadly toxic herbicide.

Despite all of the efforts by the South African Government, South African Police Service & the South African National Defense Force to eradicate dagga, at the expense of the health & well being of its citizens, it is still readily available anywhere in South Africa from the street vendors to the schools.

It’s time for South Africa to turn over a new leaf and admit that dagga prohibition is not only a failure but also a violation human rights.

* Estimates are calculated from news reports.

Cape Town Gang & Drug Task Team Receive DEA Training

Statement by Cape Town’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille

The City of Cape Town actively encourages the creation of cooperative partnerships with the international community and stakeholders in order to boost knowledge sharing of best practice.

We believe in undertaking joint ventures in order to empower our staff and our communities. The ultimate objective of such partnerships is to improve the lives of Cape Town’s residents.

As part of our commitment to building a safe city, we have entered into international partnerships. These have allowed for training and models of best practice to be applied to improve our Safety and Security Directorate.

A partnership that we believe has been especially fruitful is one that we have fostered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States Department of Justice. They have extended an invitation for eight members of the Safety and Security Directorate’s Gang and Drug Task Team to attend an advanced drug agent course from 26 to 30 January 2015 at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Gaborone, Botswana.

The eight members of the City’s Safety and Security Directorate will be representing South Africa. There will also be representatives from Ghana, Namibia, Uganda and Botswana. We would like to express our gratitude to the United States Government for bearing the cost of our delegates’ travel, meals, accommodation and local transport.

The training course will further develop the knowledge and skills required for a law enforcement officer to initiate and develop a counter-drug investigation and to analyse information. The course will also introduce more advanced topics such as clandestine laboratories, diversion investigations, managing undercover operations, and controlled deliveries.

Our Safety and Security Directorate has received extensive training support from the DEA over the last four years. Our relationship with the DEA started in 2009, when five officials attended drug enforcement training in Botswana. In the last three years, 63 training opportunities have been provided through the following seminars:

  • Advanced Enforcement
  •  Basic and Advanced Drug Enforcement
  • Undercover and Surveillance Practical Applications
  • Chemical Diversion Investigation

In addition, in 2012 the DEA arranged for a chemical diversion specialist from Germany to assist the Safety and Security Directorate in Cape Town upon our request.

The United States Government has invested R10 million in our Metro Police Department through drug enforcement training, study tours to the United States, School Resource Officer training, and FBI management training.

We have already seen numerous improvements in operations from our Gang and Drug Task Team since they embarked on this training. During their most recent drug bust, the unit confiscated hashish, cocaine and two wine bottles filled with suspected liquid MDMA with a street value of more than R1 million. The suspects who were arrested are possibly linked to a European syndicate.

Another major drug bust took place less than two months ago, when Metro Police recovered tik to the value of R1,2 million in Maitland.

Our latest available statistics indicate that the Metro Police made 2 042 drug-related arrests and confiscated 43 020 units of narcotics during 2014.

These successes are the direct result of the intelligence-driven operations of the Gang and Drug Task Team, which can be attributed to the training that our officers have received from the DEA.

Through the effective use of resources and models of international best practice, the City has created an efficient and successful Metro Police service.

In the presence of Consul-General Teddy Taylor, we would like to thank the United States Government, and the DEA in particular, for their investment in our staff and, in turn, the lives of our residents.

The DaggaGate Conspiracy

The Plandai Conspiracy to steal your Cannabis. In a DaggaGate Saga.

This conspiracy consists of Plandai (ref 1,2,3) The Dagga Couple (ref 5), the late Mario Ambrosiani, (ref 19, Source 1 & 2)  MP,  Advocate Robin Stransham Ford (ref10) founder of the Cancer Treatment Campaign or CTC (ref 20) and Tony Budden (ref 6)(ref11). They are all agents in a plot to steal from us, the people in this cannabis struggle!

In this piece I will expose the scheme to steal your right to cultivate and the creation of a MONOPOLY! The foundation of which is the single license stipulation in Robin and Mario’s; Medical Innovation Bill of 2013 (ref 13).

As a busy activist in the South African Cannabis legalization movement I have often had many upsetting stories pass my way. About two months ago I had information sent to me about a monopoly (ref 18) in the pipeline conspiring to fully control the emerging Cannabis market in South Africa.

Today I will speak clearly and expose a forthcoming disaster that besieges us all! I will stand up and speak from the conviction that forces these fingers to the keyboard! Ready yourself for the heartbreak!

Recently I started to see a pattern emerge with a common theme. This is a pattern of meetings, circumstances, recordings, social media chat conversations and press releases that pointed to the emergence of a corporate takeover of our Cannabis in SA. I was first made aware of this when I read about a company called Plandai!

Plandai is a pump and dump company (ref 4) who manipulate media to create spikes in their share prices. A ‘’dodgy’’ company conspiring to control the process of cannabinoid extraction in South Africa. Their cannabis subsidiary is Cannabis Science, inc. (ref 21) They have filed all necessary patents for cannabinoid control in Europe (ref 17). Luckily their proposal (ref 18, 19) here in South Africa has not been approved as yet.

The result of their successful proposal would make extraction by anyone other than them a crime. Indeed any part of the plant would be their sole concern and anyone who grows without their consent, would be outside of the law and liable for criminal and civil prosecution.

Their proposal will make Plandai the single license holder to grow and extract Cannabinoids (ref13, 19) for medical purposes in South Africa.

This will make them and their shareholders filthy rich as South Africa is set to be the Cannabis garden of the world. Not to mention we have more than twice the average amount of cannabis consumers according to the U.N.

Exciting for them! However not for you! Leaving you paying high prices; reliant on their monopoly. They presently have a loan from government (ref 2) to finish their ‘Senteeko’ tea farm and green tea extraction facility (the same machinery they plan to extract cannabinoids with )(ref 7) which resides on 8,500 acres of prime farmland in Mpumalanga. Due to open its doors in March of this year for green tea extract production.

The plan is to have; unlicensed growers growing on the land of Sovereign Bantu Kings (ref6), throughout South Africa. Which one can only assume will be sold to Plandai, who shall supply their Senteeko (single license holders) estate with flowering heads for extraction. Tony from The Hemporium will facilitate this, the sovereigns will make their cash from the raw fiber left behind.

This company has a CEO Roger Duffield a who resides on the senteeko farm with second in charge director Calum Duffield {son} and director Doran Duffield {wife}. With the shadowy figure of Jamen Shivelly (ex Microsoft Executive and Director in Plandai) (ref 8) wielding influence over them from the states. Hand in hand with Robin Stransham Ford linked to Plandai through The Cancer Treatment Campaign (ref 20), Tony Budden from Hemporium they plan to implement ‘Let our people grow’ this ploy vital to their plans is already in the pipeline (ref fogfa 42:08).

The Duffields are not activists they have not contributed an iota to this movement. Yet if this matter of an attempted monopoly is not addressed they will have full control of something we should all have free access to, our CANNABIS!

It’s interesting to note that the ‘Dagga Couple’ (ref 12) have on occasion visited Plandai’s Senteeko facility with a personal escort from Roger Duffield. Feel free to ask them! It’s also important to note that I have seen emails sent to Roger from Myrtle Stobbs (ref 16). Why would the Dagga Couple be in correspondence with Plandai? Why are they visiting the inner sanctum of a rogue company conspiring to curb the market? Well midnight contracts and financial incentives make sense!

Jules(ref 12) has no plans to grow after legalization he remarked “I will retire” I wonder how they are going to afford that; after all they run a non-profit organisation (ref fogfa2 08:24) and had all their assets seized when their oil operation was shut down, just how do they plan to do this?

It’s astonishing that a non profit organisation can book out uber expensive venues for their meetings, when they have only 40 members. One can only wonder the true cost of their loyalty to Plandai.

The DC’s business partner and bed fellow Robin Stransham Ford is another blatant Plandai agent. A racist (fogfa2 3:42) advocate who considers himself in-charge (fogfa 21:20) of the legalization movement and who according to his son (Robert Berkeley rec 16:10, 18:33 ) is in constant contact and deep discussions with Roger Duffield. Robin is involved in of ‘Fields of Green for All’, ‘Join the Queue’ ‘Stop the Cops’ and ‘let our people grow’ all apparent ventures associated with the non-profit organisation Fields of Green for All. He is a blatant agent profiteer; who hopes to leave a great financial legacy for his already affluent family.

Are they all shareholders in Plandai? Why do they align with this companies immoral cause? Why did Mario preach exclusivity in his and Robin’s ’Medical Innovation Bill’(ref14)? Well ask them! I think we all deserve an explanation for their greedy aspirations! However there can be little doubt when looking at the evidence that they are all involved in this conspiracy! We must stop them and this bill in its tracks!

And from now on; be aware of those hoping to profit from the suffering of others.

The conditions outlined above are contradictory to the public rhetoric regularly issued by the conglomoration. While all efforts to legalise Cannabis should be applauded, the activities thus far of Plandai would lead to the eventual hijacking of the numerous voluntary citizen efforts in the legalization campaign.

Comrades the Medical Innovation Bill is not the only option available and in other suggestions there is a place for all.

Written by: TheTrueWarrior




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Conventional Cancer Treatments Failed Annamarie Tewitz

Cancer patient (7) starved for 3 days before surgery that might never have been needed if medical dagga was legal.

Sadly, Annamarie Tewitz passed away on Saturday after a botched surgery to fix a shunt.

The brave little girl was fighting brain cancer in & out of hospital over the past year. She was diagnosed with brain cancer in February just two weeks after she started grade 1.

Her morther, Christa Tewitz, says she battled to get surgeons to attend to Annamarie.

Tewitz says little Annamarie was starved for three days before undergoing surgery and this caused her critical condition to deteriorate.

She says the surgeons would not see her daughter until the young girl stopped breathing and she laid complaints.

The hospital’s neurosurgery head says he regrets the child’s death but has denied allegations of negligence.

Christa Tewitz says her little girl always had a smile on her face, even when faced with ventilator tubes and surgery after surgery.

Was brain surgery necessary?

Boy, two, with brain cancer is ‘cured’ after secretly being fed medical dagga by his father

A desperate father whose son was suffering from a life-threatening brain tumour has revealed he gave him cannabis oil to ease his pain.

And he has now apparently made a full recovery.

Cash Hyde, known as Cashy, was a perfectly healthy baby when he was born in June 2008 but became sick shortly before his second birthday.

Cash "Cashy" Hyde
Cash “Cashy” Hyde

At first he was misdiagnosed with glandular fever before his parents Mike and Kalli, from Missoula in Montana, were given the devastating news he had a serious brain tumour.

The little boy had to have arduous chemotherapy treatment to reduce the growth, which had drastic side effects including seizures and a blood infection.

His distraught parents were repeatedly told he was likely to succumb to the illness because the condition was so bad.
After one bout of high-dose chemotherapy, Cash was so weak he could not lift his head and was too sick to eat any solid food for 40 days.

It was at this point that Mr Hyde decided to take action and go down the route of medical marijuana to try to help his young son.

Cash’s doctors refused to even discuss the option but his father went and sought authorisation elsewhere and then secretly administered it through his son’s feeding tube.

He also told doctors to stop giving Cash the cocktail of anti-nausea drugs he had been taking – although he never told them what he was doing.

Mr Hyde told KXLY News that his son started looking better right away.

Mr Hyde said: ‘He hadn’t eaten a thing in 40 days – and, it was really incredible to watch him take a bite of a piece of cheese. It shows that he wants to live’.

He credits the cannabis oil with helping his son get through the chemo, and say Cash has now been declared cancer free by doctors.
The boy is now back and home and living the life of a typical young boy, playing with his elder brother Colty.

Medical marijuana is legal in some states, including Montana, but its use for children is poorly understood and quite rate.

The US federal government does not recognise the legality of using the drug for medical reasons and frequently clashes with states over the issue.

Mr Hyde told KXLY: ‘It’s very controversial, it’s very scary. But, there’s nothing more scary than losing your child.’

Cannabis For Infant’s Brain Tumor, Doctor Calls Child “A Miracle Baby”

Medical dagga is gaining acceptance, but could it even help kids? Dr. William Courtney has seen it happen, and on Friday, told HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski about it. Saying he was “quite a skeptic 5 or 6 years ago”, Dr. Courtney continued that “my youngest patient is 8 months old, and had a very massive centrally located inoperable brain tumor.” The child’s father pushed for non-traditional treatment utilizing cannabis.

“They were putting cannabinoid oil on the baby’s pacifier twice a day, increasing the dose… And within two months there was a dramatic reduction, enough that the pediatric oncologist allowed them to go ahead with not pursuing traditional therapy.”

The tumor was remarkably reduced after eight months of treatment. Dr. Courtney pointed out that the success of the cannabis approach means that “this child, because of that, is not going to have the long-term side effects that would come from a very high dose of chemotherapy or radiation… currently the child’s being called a miracle baby, and I would have to agree that this is the perfect response that we should be insisting is front-line therapy for all children before they launch off on all medications that have horrific long term side effects.”


Teen refused treatment and her mother supported her daughter’s decision

17-year-old girl with cancer is in an unprecedented legal battle with the state of Connecticut as the Department of Children and Families removed her from her home and forced the teen to receive chemotherapy.

The girl being identified as “Cassandra C.” in court papers was diagnosed with cancer in September, with doctors recommending she receive chemotherapy for the rare condition of Hodgkins Lymphoma. However, the teen refused treatment and her mother supported her daughter’s decision, causing Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families to step in and force the teen to receive treatment, WTIC-TV reports.

In November, the DCF successfully petitioned for an order of temporary custody of the girl and ordered her mother to cooperate with medical care administered to her daughter under DCF supervision. After two chemo treatments, Cassandra ran away from home before subsequently returning to refuse treatment altogether.

“Following a hearing at which Cassandra’s doctors testified, the trial court ordered that she be removed from her home and that she remain in DCF’s care and custody,” read court documents. “The court also authorized DCF to make all necessary medical decisions on Cassandra’s behalf.”

According to the National Cancer Institute, side effects of chemotherapy can include nausea, hair loss, vomiting, fatigue and diarrhea.

Cassandra and her mother appealed the trial court ruling, claiming that forced treatment violates their constitutional rights by allowing the DCF to use their judgment over their own without any finding of incompetence on their behalf. They also claim that Connecticut should recognize the “mature minor doctrine” that requires a court to first determine if a minor is not sufficiently mature to be legally allowed to make medical decisions on her own.

“It’s a question of fundamental constitutional rights–the right to have a say over what happens to your body–and the right to say to the government ‘you can’t control what happens to my body,’” Cassandra’s mother’s attorney, Michael S. Taylor, told WTIC.
Taylor represents Cassandra’s mother, while a state public defender represents Cassandra.

Cassandra and her mother claim that Connecticut’s common law and public policy dictate that DCF cannot force Cassandra to receive medical treatment over her knowing and informed objection and over the knowing and informed objection of her mother, according to the court documents.

Cassandra’s case will be heard Thursday at the Connecticut Supreme Court in Hartford. She must remain at the local hospital to continue her treatment against her wishes until the unprecedented case is heard.

“The Supreme Court of the state has never ruled on this issue, the Supreme Court of the United States has not ruled on this issue. So it’s very significant not just for our client, and for the minor child, but for the law in general,” said Taylor.








Boy, two, with brain cancer is ‘cured’ after secretly being fed medical marijuana by his father


Perception Of Dagga As A Safe Drug Is Scientifically Sound

It has been an excellent year for modern dagga research. Lots of the propaganda and disinformation pushed forward by government paid organizations have been debunked and the latest research continues to debunk many myths people full heartedly believe to be true about dagga.

Propagandists gave us cancer causing carcinogens and we knocked them back by vaporizing. Then along came Dr William Courtney who cured brain cancer in a 9 month old baby with juiced dagga and also reminded us that the THC Acid in dagga does not become active until it has been converted from THC Acid to THC by heating or otherwise smoking dagga.

“Dagga is the world’s most important vegetable” – Dr. William Courtney

Early propagandists told us dagga is most dangerous and could be fatal. Later however the LD50 of dagga revealed that it is physically impossible to fatally overdose on dagga.

In a study done in 2007 by Professor David Nutt he charted the harms and dependence of various drugs including tobacco, alcohol and dagga. Dagga is the least harmful and least dependence producing substance of these three drugs yet alcohol and tobacco is legally available to adults.

In May of 2013 a study found that dagga may combat HIV and we learn of Marathon runner Henry Ngomezulu who cured his HIV with a dagga tea infusion.

In the same month another study revealed that habitual dagga use is not linked to cancer and more studies in the month of May 2013 found that dagga may combat depression, diabetes, brain damage and even reduce the risk of bladder cancer.

In the entire existence of man not a single person have died because of a dagga overdose.

The scientific evidence clearly indicates that dagga is indeed not only safe but is also a beneficial herb & supplement to aid humanity.

Prohibitionist’s Food for thought for; If you really believe dagga is dangerous why do you keep dagga in the wild where any person desperate enough sells without an age restriction?



Give Children Medical Dagga

To decarb or not; that is the question and also rule of thumb when deciding to give medical dagga to children.

Get to know your Cannabinoids.

THCA is not active THC.

You can think of THCA as the raw plant. It does not give a high if you eat it as a salad or juice the leafs and buds.

It’s only when THCA is heated or burned that it’s converted to THC and becomes active.

I have made a non decarboxylated tincture before and I can tell you nobody will be running around goofed off their heads from THCA.

Vegetable glycerin tinctures are great substitute for alcohol based tinctures.

You need to combine at least a trinity of strains for a SUPER medicine, the more the merrier the saying goes.

If one understand the basics of cannabis, which should be mandatory part of education any person could potentially utilise high THCA content cannabis with high ratio CBDA (Which is the precursor of CBD like wise THCA is the precursor to THC) strains, without the psychoactive effects.

The basic rule of thumb would be to decide if you require active or non-active cannabinoids and then follow or ignore decarboxylation instructions in any recipe whether it’s tinctures or oil or edibles or alternatively you could combine 1:1 ratio of active to non active for a much broader spectrum of cannabinoids.

I would also like to point out, although I have not had personal experience with medical cannabis and patients, there are children with serious terminal life hindering diseases or conditions where the active cannabinoids make life altering improvements.

Also being high is not about being goofed off. At least it’s not my experience. It frees my mind from mental slavery. It’s a medicine for my mind, for the brain & for the soul.

Feeling high is not a confused state of mind but a period of intense clarity, happiness and bliss.

Also I do not condone dagga use by children but as other activist pointed out. Older kids rebel and they will be enticed by prohibition to try dagga or even drink alcohol and smoke tobacco.

While dagga is illegal children have easier access to dagga.

“Would you rather have you kids buy dagga from a stranger or give adults their right to choose dagga over alcohol and tobacco and buy from a responsible “dispensary” or Smart Shop where regulation controls and restrict the sale of dagga to minors like with alcohol.” – Buzz (William Wallace)

Being high is about being responsible.

Hemp Homes Growing In The Ashes Of Burning Shacks

South Africa government is able to construct 10 hemp homes for the cost of convicting every 2nd dagga offender & nobody’s questioning why people still live in shacks.

Almost sounds too good to be true but in this case is absolutely plausible.

Recently at an international law enforcement conference, held in Cape Town,  activist Julian Stobbs, from the Dagga Couple pointed out that the cost to the state for arresting, prosecuting and applying correctional sanctions in respect of each dagga offender stood somewhere around R240 000.

This ultimately mean we are jailing people for choosing dagga over alcohol and tobacco at the expense of the homeless.

Let us rebuild the rainbow nation in a green revolution.

Youtube Video from Associated Press an American news agency featuring the R50 000 hemp home built by Tony Budden from Hemporium SA


High cost of SA’s anti-dagga laws

Post Apartheid Struggle; Hemp Homes Save The Homeless

Busting the Myth That Dagga Kills, in 1 Minute

A former adviser on drug policy believes marijuana kills despite contradicting scientific evidence.

“Saying marijuana has never contributed to death or never killed anyone is like saying tobacco hasn’t killed anyone,” – Kevin Sabet, president of Project SAM

Kevin Sabet, president of Project SAM, told The Daily Signal after speaking at a Heritage Foundation event today on marijuana policy. “In that same way, marijuana does kill people in the form of mental illness, suicide and car crashes.”

The science is sound. Dagga does not cause death.

Marijuana smoking isn’t harmless, but at least it won’t kill you.

 It’s been feared that marijuana smoke, like tobacco smoke, causes cancer and heart disease. The evidence argues otherwise, writes Stephen Sidney, MD, associate director for research for Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, Calif., in the Sept 20 issue of The British Medical Journal.

 “Although the use of [marijuana] is not harmless, the current knowledge base does not support the assertion that it has any notable adverse public health impact in relation to mortality,” Sidney concludes.

No Marijuana Deaths in 2 Large Studies

Sidney points to two large studies. The first is from (where else?) California. A large HMO looked at 65,177 men and women age 15-49. Over 10 years, marijuana users died no sooner than nonusers.

The second study looked at 45,450 Swedish army conscripts. They were 18-20 years old when asked about marijuana use. Fifteen years later, the marijuana users were just as likely to remain alive as nonusers.

And since marijuana smoking can’t kill outright — there’s no such thing as a fatal marijuana overdose — short-term use isn’t deadly. Long-term use can’t be good for you. But Sidney notes that most marijuana smokers don’t become long-term users.

One worry about marijuana smoke is that it is inhaled, and held, deep in the lungs. But the typical user smokes only one marijuana cigarette — or less — a day. Tobacco users often smoke 20 or more cigarettes daily. Moreover, tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive substance. Marijuana, Sidney concludes, is less likely to harm than tobacco.

A 2001 study suggested that marijuana smoking increases the risk ofheart attack in the hour immediately after smoking. But this seems to be the case in no more than one-fifth of 1% of heart attacks — a very rare risk indeed.

More Marijuana Deaths in the Future?

Marijuana users shouldn’t cancel their life insurance policies just yet. Sidney warns that longer-term data may indeed show that marijuana smoking eventually raises the risk of premature death.

And if marijuana is legalized, long-term use may become more common. If this is the case, there certainly will be more long-term effects of marijuana use.

Tobacco naturally contain radioactive element which are mostly responsible for causing cancer.

Tobacco contains uranium, Polonium 210 and Lead 210. Lead 210 has a decay time of over 22.3 years.

Watch misinformed Kevin Sabet relying on pseudo-science below



Busting Myth Marijuana Doesn’t Kill, In 1 Minute
Marijuana Smoking Doesn’t Kill

43 Studies Show Why Dagga Does Not Cause Cancer

A comprehensive list of studies that describe the treatment of various cancers with cannabinoids. Unlike tobacco, dagga has some chemicals that inhibit many types of cancer cells, effectively cancelling out any carcinogens, and in some cases promoting tumor reduction / elimination.


Uterine, Testicular, and Pancreatic

Prostate Cancer






Biliary Tract


Mouth and Throat



The list compiled by patchgrabber on