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Review: CloudV Phantom Premium & Aqua Bubbler

The CloudV Phantom Premium is the Volcano of portable vaporisers. The premium tag is an understatement for the world’s best portable vaporiser making Cloud Vapes the leader in vapour technology.

“The Phantom Premium is always ready for more.”

First Thoughts

The very first impression of the CloudV Phantom Premium is astounding quality reassured by the weight of the unit you immediately feel its value represented by the weight of the sturdy housing and an amazingly long lasting battery.

No kidding, our review judges lost count of the number of uses before the Phantom required its first recharge, the battery on this vaporiser is just so good compared to most other vaporisers that you just do not have to spend any time worrying if the device is good to go for your next session because it is always ready.

Cloud Vapes is a fitting name for the manufacturer because the CloudV Phantom Premium deliver many puffs of vapour clouds on a single serving, utilising all of your herbal product ensuring no waste.

The best feature of the Phantom Premium has to be the three temperature settings.

“With three temperature settings 190°C, 210°C & 224.444°C you are in full control…”

During the review we tested all three settings and we were not disappointed, each temperature setting delivered lots of vapour.

“Do you want to see my Bazooka?”

CloudV Phantom Premium with Aqua Bubbler
CloudV Phantom Premium with Aqua Bubbler

The Phantom Premium is a show off piece, it is meant to be seen, it is a statement of culture.

When you attach the Aqua Bubbler filter attachment it not only transforms into a “bazooka” of fun and entertainment but it also cools down and filter your vapour through water delivering the qualities of your favourite glass bong to the next level vapour technology.


Super durable battery that last for over 10 sessions (we lost count because we did not have to care about failing batteries as is common with most other portable vapes. The CloudV Phantom Premium vaporiser showed no signs of fatigue.

Three different temperature settings identified by unique coloured LEDs that also indicate battery status as well when the atomiser has reached the desired temperature.

Bling: Compatible with the Aqua Bubbler filter attachment. Transforms this unit into a bad ass vape that delivers water cooled & filtered vapour to the user.

The cleaning & packing tool kit is a blessing that makes, packing for use & cleaning fun & effortless.


The review judges could not find any dislikes with the CloudV Phantom Premium vaporiser.

Final verdict

In a league of its own, no other brand can compare. The CloudV Phantom Premium is the ultimate portable vaporiser.

Cloud Vapes is a premium brand that offer a full range of vaporisers & accessories.

Tommy Chong - Cloud Vapes

It is by far the best present money can buy for him, her or yourself this Christmas and Tommy Chong would agree.

The CloudV Phantom Premium retails for R2200 on Dagga Shop

Rolling Paper Review – RAWling Away The Victor

18 Rolling Papers, 2 Judges and 5 deciding factors. Who will roll away the victor? The fans have voted. The results are in.

The judges decisions were based on flavour, the occurrence of runs or the need to re-light, presentation of the jay and packaging, durability and “handling” of the paper and lastly how well the rolling paper presented on the macro-photography close-ups. Votes by the fans on Facebook also influenced the finalists of the rolling paper review.

The Victors

1st – RAW – Earthy flavour & looks great under magnification
2nd – OCB Organic – Smooth
3rd – Juicy Jay Raspberry – Cute
Runner-up – Pure Hemp Unbleached


Best Flavour

1st – Little Amsterdam Transparent – Roach taste great, an entertainer
2nd – RAW
3rd – Pure Hemp Unbleached
Runner-up – Pure Hemp Bleached