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Ways you can help the Daggafarian-publication.


#ClaimYourCulture: Get in on the inner #daggafarian circle and subscribe to one of the four tiers below.

Tier 1: Roach Clip from R10 per month.

Tier 2: Claim Your Culture: from R25 per month.

Tier 3: Create Your Culture from R50 per month.

Tier 4: VIP from R100 per month.

Financial goal to print

One of our main goals is to publish a monthly printed magazine dedicated to the dagga culture. (Daggafari)

To realise this “pipe-dream” will require over R100 000 which is not a lot considering this is for distribution nationally in large quantities. To get cannabis knowledge out in the public where internet and data is a luxury.

Content contributors

Other ways you can help Dagga Magazine is to become an honorary member of the Dagga Magazine by contributing original stories and images or become an active advertiser in the magazine or on social media.

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