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Daggafarians left in limbo

The police confirmed it has issued a directive on how to go forward dealing with dagga arrests but have not released any information regarding the details.  Thus leaving the entire dagga culture, including every daggafarian as well as every South African in limbo.

What if the Dagga Couple is right?

Maybe the Dagga Couple was right after all or just maybe it is an elaborate hoax. One thing is for certain; without an official public statement from the police, possessing large quantities of dagga is a gamble.

In the first scenario, which sounds too good to be true, it could possibly be that the Hawks did not want dagga peddlers to know the magical number they can use to fly under the radar to avoid arrests, by keeping their supply to less than 3kg per peddler.

In that case it could be wise for peddlers to adjust their supply accordingly, however, as demonstrated by a lady who was arrested a few days ago for just 1.5kg it is not a guarantee that the procedures set out in the “leaked” document is being applied by all police stations across South Africa or whether they issued an entirely different directive.

In the end, the decision to arrest a person for dagga is left to the judgement of the arresting officer. The use of dagga in public places is still illegal and you can get yourself arrested.

No more arrests, just a summons

Lieutenant General Khehla Sitole told the Mail & Gaurdian that the police should, (instead of making an arrest), rather register a criminal case docket and issue a summons or written notice for the suspect to appear in court.

Read our previous article Dagga Couple’s HotBox Hosts Duped.

For more information see IOL, News24 & M&G

Dagga Couple maintains fake document is real

In a live video conference with Renaldo Gouws, on Sunday evening, the Dagga Couple continue to believe that the fake police document is real.

Dagga Magazine could not find any official police documents to confirm that a Colonel M. H. J. van Staden is actually employed by the South African Police Service.

Julian “Jules” Stobbs said: “We actually spoke to Colonel van Staden, he said this was not a legal document, but it was a legitimate police directive. It hasn’t changed the law. It was just putting down on paper the modus operandi going forward. Two days later they completely back paddled on the whole thing. Maybe that Colonel is a Constable today. We don’t know. [breaks out in laughter]”

News24, The Citizen, OFM, The Stock Voice, Briefly and Tswelopele Municipality have reported that the document is “fake and gay”.

Dagga: The next major civil rights movement.

Fromer IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party) MP, Dr. Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, who succumbed to stage-four lung cancer pleaded with parliament and president Zuma to look into the legalization of dagga (marijuana, cannabis) for medical use. He started off by saying “People are dying of bad policies and bad laws, we can change.” He then went further to say that it would be a crime against humanity to continue the prohibition of dagga . The human rights question of medical marijuana can be extended to the use of dagga in religious practices, as it too would be a crime against humanity to prohibit followers of a religion to practice that religion.

Current and historic legal stance
In 1908 the first laws governing the use of dagga in South Africa were imposed and the trading in dagga was banned. In 1923 South Africa wrote to the Council of the League of Nations reminding them that they should include Indian hemp (dagga) on their list of opium and other dangerous drugs and in 1925 dagga was prohibited worldwide. In 1971 the Abuse of Dependence-producing Substances and Rehabilitation Centres Act 41 of 1971 was introduced and amended in 1992 to the current legislation . Under South African law dagga is an undesirable dependence-producing substance and a schedule 2 substance, same as heroine and tik. It is prohibited by the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act 140 of 1992 (hereinafter referred to as “the Drugs Act”) and caries heavy penalties. In 1996 section 21(10)(a)(i) of the Drugs Act was constitutionally challenged.

Constitutional developments
The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa of 1996 guarantees freedom of religion and the right to culture , and in the case of Prince v President of the Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope formed the foundation of the argument put to the Constitutional Court. The appellant, Mr. Garreth Prince, a dedicated Rastafarian wanted to become an attorney. After disclosing his former criminal convictions for the possession of dagga, under the Drugs Act and his intent to continue using the plant to the law society, they declined to register him as an attorney. He approached the courts. First the High court and then the Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed his constitutional challenge. The Constitutional Court was approached.

The court looked at Rastafarianism, dagga and Rastafarianism, the medical benefits of dagga and the relevant law. The onus never rested on the court to make a decision regarding the legality of dagga but rather if the laws governing dagga was inconsistent with the constitution regarding Rastafarians . After evaluating sections 15 and 31 of the Constitution the court found that there was an infringement on Prince’s right to freedom of religion. Both the minister of health and the attorney general conceded that the infringement took place . They in turn argued that the infringement was justified under section 36 of the Constitution . The onus now rested on the court to determine if the infringement was reasonable and justified. After carefully evaluating all the facts the court ruled that in order to protect the general population a provision for Rastafarians would not be made and that the limitation of rights were justified and reasonable. In the Prince case one of the justifications to the limitation to the freedom of religion for the prohibition of dagga was to uphold international law. Van der Schyff warns and reminds us that it is important to uphold international law but that the Constitution is always superior to those laws . In S v Bhulwana and S v Gwadiso the court held that the presumption of guilt in trade of dagga if caught with 115g of dagga or more was inconsistent with s 33 (1) of the Interim Constitution of 1993, presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Recent local and foreign developments
In recent years a lot of groundbreaking scientific research has been conducted on the medical benefits and risks associated with dagga. Many countries have legalized the use of dagga for medical purposes, 22 US states and the district of Colombia , most of Europe, Israel and most of South America. Dr. Mario Oriani-Ambrosini introduced our own Medical Innovation Bill to parliament after his plea, which was later published in the government gazette . The purpose of the bill is to make provisions for medical innovation concerning dagga and to legalize the use of the plant for medical, commercial and industrial use.

Other countries legalized or decriminalized the use of dagga for recreational use. In 2013 Uruguay and the US states of Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana for personal use. Portugal decriminalized the use of all drugs more than a decade ago and the results have been greater than expected. The crime rate and the use of drugs amongst the youth dropped dramatically.

Another constitutional challenge is however underway. Julian Stobbs and his life partner Myrtle Clark, collectively known as the Dagga Couple, are challenging the government of South Africa to legalize the use, possession and dealing of dagga . The basis for their argument is that the laws governing dagga is outdated and originates from racist colonial laws. They also argue that the laws have no scientific merit . In their video, Dagga: The truth , they explored the origin and early use of dagga in South Africa, not only the use amongst the indigenous population but also the use of dagga among the Voortrekkers and early Afrikaans community as a home remedy. It soon becomes clear from the video that the use of dagga amongst the slaves in the sugarcane plantations did not suite the early colonials. As they believed it slowed down the workforce, made them lazy and insane. They also bring up an important point, that if the sale and trade in the more dangerous substances, tobacco and alcohol, is regulated by law then so too can the sale and trade in dagga. Dagga has to date not been the cause of a single death worldwide, while the annual death toll attributed to tobacco in South Africa in 2010 was 44 000 . Almost half of all motor vehicle accidents are attributed to alcohol . Their case will be heard in the Constitutional Court in March 2015.

To express my feelings towards the subject I leave you with some wise words from former US President Jimmy Carter:

“Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself; and where they are, they should be changed. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against possession of marijuana ”

Written by Theodore Krouse, 2014/10/15

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SAPS Air Wing DaggaOps Crimes Against Humanity

We were taken deep into rural Pondoland to see first hand the effects of the SAPS helicopter glyphosate spraying.

It seems to be so indiscriminate. In this photo, all the bald patches in the background (including the huge one in the bottom of the valley) had a mixture of mielies and dagga until 6 days ago.

The companion veggies were all affected. Villagers in the fields have sore throats and itchy skin and even their cattle and goats have skin lesions. One goat has already died.

If you look closely, all the remaining green is dagga that was missed in a really shoddy operation.

One old man reported being hit twice as he was plowing with oxen. He looked up and could see the pilot laughing.

Incidentally, this whole valley is a water course that eventually flows to the ocean.

Originally Posted By The Dagga Couple

10 Ways To Help The Legalisation Of Dagga In South Africa

You would be surprised how easy it is to help South Africa on it’s way to a legal dagga industry.

1. Sign the Dagga Couple petition.

The Dagga Couple petition has already garnered over 16603 signatures.

Don’t be afraid to enter your personal information: The Dagga Couple have take all reasonable steps to protect all personal information submitted when completing the petition. Such information will be stored in an encrypted format on a secure server.

‪2. #‎JoinTheQueue – Fields of Green for ALL

#JoinTheQueue provides you with the opportunity to challenge the prohibition of Cannabis in a combined and constructive effort through Fields of Green for ALL’s professional legal team. By choosing to #JoinTheQueue you are making a significant contribution to the progress of bringing an end to Cannabis prohibition. No longer just another victim amongst South Africa’s millions of other responsible users, when you #JoinTheQueue you become an integral catalyst for legalisation.


3. Tweet to the politicians in power.

The 2015 State of the Nation Address – 12 Feb 2015
#SONA2015 presents an excellent platform to seek immediate relief from dagga prohibition. Act quickly we only have till the 12th of February 2015

Jacob Zuma

Helen Zille

Julius Malema

Send these tweets anytime

If you missed the #SONA2015 tweet deadline, don’t fret, these tweets you can be sent anytime, until dagga is legal in South Africa and remember you can change the message to your liking.

4. Attend the annual Global Cannabis March & the 420 Dagga Day celebrations.

The annual Global Cannabis March takes place on the first Saturday of May every year. This year the march will take place in Cape Town, Johannesburg & Durban. Find the Global Cannabis March on Facebook

  • Durban march will be from Bulwer Park to Essenwood Fleamarket
  • Jozi march will start and finish at the famous Mofolo Park in central Soweto
  • Cape Town march will start and finish close to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology: CPUT

The 420 Dagga Day celebration takes place on the 20th of April each year in Johannesburg and is hosted by The Dagga Couple.

5. Become an activist.

Activists are people who see the need for change and devote their time to doing something about it. They are driven by passion and a vision for a better future. Activism comes naturally to some, while for others, it’s thrust upon them when they experience situations that hurt them or those they love. Whatever your reason for wanting to become an activist, you have the ability to do so no matter your age, your means, or your background. It’s people like you, people who believe they have the power to make a difference, who end up changing the world for the better. See How To Become An Activist to learn more about becoming an activist. You should be independent because that shows you are committed to the situation.

6. Research, read a book & share what you have learned.

There are so many good ebooks available. Read them, share them.

The Report. Cannabis, Human Rights & The Law by Kenn D’Oudney & Joanna D’Oudney
Marijuana is Safer: So why are we driving people to drink?
Jack Herer – The Emperor Wears No Clothes
Granny Storm Crow’s Medical Marijuana Reference List- January 2013
It’s Just a Plant – a children’s book about marijuana
Dagga Knowledge-base

7. Start a Dagga Party Ward in your area.

If you put a Dagga Party Majority into a local council, that council would legalize in that district. – Jeremy Acton

Unify with all daggafarians in your neighbourhood to form a local co-operative Dagga Party group. This group must include all who use the Herb, and would be an inclusive group of all races, and all religious faiths. Each ward should have a group, and where two or more wards cover an area, those wards can make positive co-operative contact for the good of their neighbourhood. Where two groups form in one ward, they must amalgamate, with the elected officials working together rather than competing against each other.

For the Gathering you can download the Ward Group Constitution, (aka the Constituent Association Constitution). You fill it in to name your group and to keep a register of members. Ensure the membership info is hidden from outsiders as the Herb is still illegal. http://www.daggaparty.org/download/CAConstitution.pdf

By doing this we effectively reshape the politics of our townships and of South Africa as a whole.
Your group must also elect a President of the Group, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and must encourage youth membership. Doing this is more important than just voting a distant leader into a Parliamentary seat, and then to just allow the Dagga prohibition and socio-economic situation in the townships to continue.

8. Become an Active Member of the Dagga Union of South Africa

Help the union gain momentum. Stand up for daggafarian rights. Currently the members group consists of over 15,971 people.


9. Support South African Headshops.

Dagga Shop

10. Be Proudly Daggafarian: Get out of the ‘The Dagga Closet’!

End the dagga taboo. Show South Africa that being a pothead does not mean you are lazy, unproductive or a good for nothing.

Dagga is a taboo subject to some members of society. As a result, there are many dagga consumers that limit the amount of people they admit their dagga use to. For instance all of my friends and family know that I consume dagga, but it’s not something I told all of my co-workers at my last job due to employment policies that would fire me if my dagga consumption became known. I have never looked at it like I’m ashamed to be a dagga consumer. I just have always felt that I am protecting dumb people from themselves by not telling them about my dagga consumption, as they will no doubt react in a harsh, illogical way.

A case study would be legendary Olympic athlete Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps won 14 Gold medals (16 medals overall) for the United States so far in his life, with possibly more to come. Michael Phelps was considered as an American hero by all of society until pictures surfaced of him taking an Olympic sized bong hit. He was labeled an outcast by conservative America, condemned by parents as being a bad example for children, and lost numerous endorsement deals. This is the same guy that up until that picture surfaced, was considered the standard of what American awesomeness looked like in the new century. The fact that one dagga bong hit picture can outweigh a lifetime of achievement at a world record level in some people’s eyes is disgusting to me.

There are countless people that I worked with that knew me as a hard worker, as someone that they could rely on to get the job done, and that I was a very articulate communicator. Unfortunately, their perceptions would change if they knew I consumed dagga, despite the fact that I still possess all of the qualities that they thought made me a good person. That’s just how strong reefer madness is in some circles of society. It’s sad and unfortunate, but it is what it is.

I know that my experience is pretty standard for most dagga consumers. dagga consumers encounter uneducated, biased people everyday that are easier to avoid than confront. Have you ever argued with someone that is ‘gone off the reefer madness?’ There’s absolutely no way to change their minds. I conserve my energy by avoiding people like that and looking for people that are on the fence about the issue. I love ‘coming out of the dagga closet’ when I talk to those type of people.

I like to talk to ‘luke warm’ dagga supporters that I meet at a workplace or some other settings, and I encourage others to do so as often as you feel comfortable with. These type of citizens, which are a majority of South Africa, generally agree that dagga prohibition has failed, and that there is a lot of false hype that has kept dagga illegal for so long. I once heard Radical Russ Belville refer to a study that stated three in four people support ending dagga prohibition, but only one in four thinks their neighbor agrees. These people are just waiting for someone to bring the issue to a personal level, as some likely don’t smoke dagga themselves. However, if you are known to them as a hard worker, that you are someone that they can depend on, and you can articulate your stance on dagga to them, chances are you will sway them from being on the fence to supplying their signature for a dagga reform initiative or more.

Have you ‘come out of the dagga closet?’ If so, do you have any tips for others that are hesitant to ‘come out of the dagga closet?’ Can you elaborate in the comments section about your experience so that others can benefit from your knowledge? If you haven’t ‘come out of the dagga closet,’ why not? Is it due to employment reasons? Fear of backlash from family or friends? Are you in a relationship with someone that you don’t want to know about your dagga consumption? Some other reason? I look forward to what readers have to say.

Source: Coming out of the marijuana closet/

The DaggaGate Conspiracy

The Plandai Conspiracy to steal your Cannabis. In a DaggaGate Saga.

This conspiracy consists of Plandai (ref 1,2,3) The Dagga Couple (ref 5), the late Mario Ambrosiani, (ref 19, Source 1 & 2)  MP,  Advocate Robin Stransham Ford (ref10) founder of the Cancer Treatment Campaign or CTC (ref 20) and Tony Budden (ref 6)(ref11). They are all agents in a plot to steal from us, the people in this cannabis struggle!

In this piece I will expose the scheme to steal your right to cultivate and the creation of a MONOPOLY! The foundation of which is the single license stipulation in Robin and Mario’s; Medical Innovation Bill of 2013 (ref 13).

As a busy activist in the South African Cannabis legalization movement I have often had many upsetting stories pass my way. About two months ago I had information sent to me about a monopoly (ref 18) in the pipeline conspiring to fully control the emerging Cannabis market in South Africa.

Today I will speak clearly and expose a forthcoming disaster that besieges us all! I will stand up and speak from the conviction that forces these fingers to the keyboard! Ready yourself for the heartbreak!

Recently I started to see a pattern emerge with a common theme. This is a pattern of meetings, circumstances, recordings, social media chat conversations and press releases that pointed to the emergence of a corporate takeover of our Cannabis in SA. I was first made aware of this when I read about a company called Plandai!

Plandai is a pump and dump company (ref 4) who manipulate media to create spikes in their share prices. A ‘’dodgy’’ company conspiring to control the process of cannabinoid extraction in South Africa. Their cannabis subsidiary is Cannabis Science, inc. (ref 21) They have filed all necessary patents for cannabinoid control in Europe (ref 17). Luckily their proposal (ref 18, 19) here in South Africa has not been approved as yet.

The result of their successful proposal would make extraction by anyone other than them a crime. Indeed any part of the plant would be their sole concern and anyone who grows without their consent, would be outside of the law and liable for criminal and civil prosecution.

Their proposal will make Plandai the single license holder to grow and extract Cannabinoids (ref13, 19) for medical purposes in South Africa.

This will make them and their shareholders filthy rich as South Africa is set to be the Cannabis garden of the world. Not to mention we have more than twice the average amount of cannabis consumers according to the U.N.

Exciting for them! However not for you! Leaving you paying high prices; reliant on their monopoly. They presently have a loan from government (ref 2) to finish their ‘Senteeko’ tea farm and green tea extraction facility (the same machinery they plan to extract cannabinoids with )(ref 7) which resides on 8,500 acres of prime farmland in Mpumalanga. Due to open its doors in March of this year for green tea extract production.

The plan is to have; unlicensed growers growing on the land of Sovereign Bantu Kings (ref6), throughout South Africa. Which one can only assume will be sold to Plandai, who shall supply their Senteeko (single license holders) estate with flowering heads for extraction. Tony from The Hemporium will facilitate this, the sovereigns will make their cash from the raw fiber left behind.

This company has a CEO Roger Duffield a who resides on the senteeko farm with second in charge director Calum Duffield {son} and director Doran Duffield {wife}. With the shadowy figure of Jamen Shivelly (ex Microsoft Executive and Director in Plandai) (ref 8) wielding influence over them from the states. Hand in hand with Robin Stransham Ford linked to Plandai through The Cancer Treatment Campaign (ref 20), Tony Budden from Hemporium they plan to implement ‘Let our people grow’ this ploy vital to their plans is already in the pipeline (ref fogfa 42:08).

The Duffields are not activists they have not contributed an iota to this movement. Yet if this matter of an attempted monopoly is not addressed they will have full control of something we should all have free access to, our CANNABIS!

It’s interesting to note that the ‘Dagga Couple’ (ref 12) have on occasion visited Plandai’s Senteeko facility with a personal escort from Roger Duffield. Feel free to ask them! It’s also important to note that I have seen emails sent to Roger from Myrtle Stobbs (ref 16). Why would the Dagga Couple be in correspondence with Plandai? Why are they visiting the inner sanctum of a rogue company conspiring to curb the market? Well midnight contracts and financial incentives make sense!

Jules(ref 12) has no plans to grow after legalization he remarked “I will retire” I wonder how they are going to afford that; after all they run a non-profit organisation (ref fogfa2 08:24) and had all their assets seized when their oil operation was shut down, just how do they plan to do this?

It’s astonishing that a non profit organisation can book out uber expensive venues for their meetings, when they have only 40 members. One can only wonder the true cost of their loyalty to Plandai.

The DC’s business partner and bed fellow Robin Stransham Ford is another blatant Plandai agent. A racist (fogfa2 3:42) advocate who considers himself in-charge (fogfa 21:20) of the legalization movement and who according to his son (Robert Berkeley rec 16:10, 18:33 ) is in constant contact and deep discussions with Roger Duffield. Robin is involved in of ‘Fields of Green for All’, ‘Join the Queue’ ‘Stop the Cops’ and ‘let our people grow’ all apparent ventures associated with the non-profit organisation Fields of Green for All. He is a blatant agent profiteer; who hopes to leave a great financial legacy for his already affluent family.

Are they all shareholders in Plandai? Why do they align with this companies immoral cause? Why did Mario preach exclusivity in his and Robin’s ’Medical Innovation Bill’(ref14)? Well ask them! I think we all deserve an explanation for their greedy aspirations! However there can be little doubt when looking at the evidence that they are all involved in this conspiracy! We must stop them and this bill in its tracks!

And from now on; be aware of those hoping to profit from the suffering of others.

The conditions outlined above are contradictory to the public rhetoric regularly issued by the conglomoration. While all efforts to legalise Cannabis should be applauded, the activities thus far of Plandai would lead to the eventual hijacking of the numerous voluntary citizen efforts in the legalization campaign.

Comrades the Medical Innovation Bill is not the only option available and in other suggestions there is a place for all.

Written by: TheTrueWarrior


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The War on Dagga’s Innocent Victims

This isn’t the first time we’ve visited the subject of aerial pesticide spraying in an vain attempt to eradicate Dagga. The subject last surfaced in the 2011/12 growing season in the Eastern Cape. SAPS Air Wing USA funded Squirrel helicopters were photographed in Lusikisiki with spray equipment full of Monsanto’s infamous ‘Roundup Turbo

It is now the 2014/15 growing season and the helicopters have returned. We had notification from a supporter via Facebook with photographs, and another independent conversation on the ground in Port t Johns by phone. As of this weekend (31st January 2015) the three Squirrel spray helicopters and the 4 door camera unit are grounded at a resort on the river outside PSJ. High winds are hampering spraying operations. (the roundup product label warns us of the dangers of spraying in winds over 10km/h).
Our source tells us the unit plan to go inland to Lusikisiki this week.

American funded involvement in the Southern Transkei/Eastern Cape isn’t a new concept. Extensive military manoeuvers were conducted as recently as two years ago in the area. The spray helicopters in commission with the SAPS Air Wing started entering the country in 2004. The US Drug Enforcement Agency donated them to up the stakes in the South African ‘War on Drugs’.
We are aware of the continued DEA sponsorship of equipment and expertise into SA in 2015 to combat the ‘drug scourge’ with recent reports of  more DEA involvement on the streets of Cape Town.
More than 10 years have passed and still the authorities believe their drug ‘war’ is winnable. The DEA in particular know more than any other organisation how futile their attempts have been to thwart the sale and production of ‘illegal’ substances in the Americas.

It is easy to find news reports going back to the early 1980’s of dagga spraying operations, not only in the Transkei but in other established growing areas on the Eastern seaboard, notably KwaZulu Natal and even as a friendly gesture to our Southern African neighbours in Swaziland prior to the football World Cup in 2010.

The resultant newspaper reports of “Dagga Poisons Raise Environmental Alarm” and studies of an “Evidence Of Poison” from airborne crop spraying don’t seem to have had any impact on public sentiment over the last 30 years. If the spraying was being done over the suburbs of Johannesburg or Cape Town the reaction would probably be a tad more vocal.

So what to do? The environmental impact of ANY crop spraying whether for protection from pests, or the eradication of weed(s) is well know the world over. Do the SAPS pilots concerned have adequate training for crop spraying ops? Police statements are conflicting. Some play down the risks to other crops, other statements warn that ‘if you don’t remove the dagga, all the crops will be killed’.

At the time of publication, we still had not found any Environmental Impact Study concerning Dagga Ops in either the Eastern Cape or KZN.

And what of the SAPS Air Wing itself? How come there is a dagga unit of 4 helicopters plus pilots and ground crew operating as we write, while the rest of the Air Wing ‘gathers dust‘, attracts controversy over pilot shortages, and reveals a list of maintenance woes that have crippled the majority of the fixed and rotary wing fleet.

Something ain’t right. It never is in the land of Dagga, especially Air Wing Dagga Ops.
dagga ops      0    1420415_100824203018_SAPS_Air_Wing_Helicopters

The last time we did a presentation in Port Elizabeth, a supporter came up to us with startling information about reported birth defects in the Southern Transkei. In particular, cleft palates in newborns, were becoming more and more common. We have neither the time nor the resources to dedicate to research on the correlations between spraying and birth defects but a shallow trawl of the web does indeed substantiate this seemingly more concentrated birth defect phenomena in the E. Cape, some asrecently as a year ago. The E. Cape regional health department concede there is a high prevalence of deformed births. As far back as 2008, international children’s medical charity ‘Operation Smile’ began a program of cleft palate surgery in the Transkei.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Even if it has nothing to do with the mist falling from the sky, what about the hundreds of discarded plastic 20l  poison drums now being used to carry water? A bit of a flush out with sunlight soap and they are as good as new…..

There isn’t a single living organism on the mountainsides of Pondoland that isn’t affected by the aerial spraying. Roundup is indiscriminate. Undoubtedly there are huge tracts of land given over only to dagga cultivation in wildly inaccessible places at the heads of steep valleys, far from human habitation – but the spraying doesn’t stop at that. There have been reports of mamas in their food crops waving white flags as another low level pass commences over their kraals.

In 2003, the E. Cape Dept of Health published their findings on the matter of birth defects and agricultural pesticides.
Unsurprisingly, they found a correlation between the two.

It’s not just the South African cannabis community who should be incensed by this. All South Africans should be. Whatever your personal opinions are of the cannabis plant, the indiscriminate low level spraying of communities to eradicate the plant must surely seem wrong at every level?

After 30 years or more of Dagga Ops in the Transkei, did the harvests decrease? Did demand drop? Were the perpetrators brought to justice? Did anyone in rural Transkei benefit?


The SAPS Air Wing careers description informs the prospective candidate that Air Wing pilots “are used in many policing operations such as crime prevention, vehicle tracking and pursuit, dagga plantation spraying, crowd control and monitoring, VIP transport and even search and rescue operations.”

There are even bursaries for prospective trainee pilots in 2015 if you fancy some glamour and excitement in special operations.

One last thing worth mentioning – our local eyes and ears in PSJ remarked that the pilots have been engaged in conversation at the resort they are staying in. They all realise the far reaching affects of the spraying and they all feel bad about their assignment, but ‘a job’s a job’. They aren’t volunteers. “Some of them are even smoking weed” was the report we got two days ago……..

Even the pilots are innocent.


Hemp Homes Growing In The Ashes Of Burning Shacks

South Africa government is able to construct 10 hemp homes for the cost of convicting every 2nd dagga offender & nobody’s questioning why people still live in shacks.

Almost sounds too good to be true but in this case is absolutely plausible.

Recently at an international law enforcement conference, held in Cape Town,  activist Julian Stobbs, from the Dagga Couple pointed out that the cost to the state for arresting, prosecuting and applying correctional sanctions in respect of each dagga offender stood somewhere around R240 000.

This ultimately mean we are jailing people for choosing dagga over alcohol and tobacco at the expense of the homeless.

Let us rebuild the rainbow nation in a green revolution.

Youtube Video from Associated Press an American news agency featuring the R50 000 hemp home built by Tony Budden from Hemporium SA


High cost of SA’s anti-dagga laws

Post Apartheid Struggle; Hemp Homes Save The Homeless

Everything You Need To Know TheCultureHigh Jazzfarm Summer Screening

The Dagga Couple is screening The Culture High Documentary this Saturday 13th December at 7:00pm at The Jazzfarm.

Latest updated on the Facebook event page:

Hello everyone. We’re quite gobsmacked as to the popularity of our upcoming movie night.
We are feverishly re-inventing the wheel at the Jazzfarm to accommodate you all.
Rain isn’t forecast but load shedding is a real possibility, so we’re bringing in some hardware to deal with the situation.

The doors open from 6pm, so come and relax in the garden, walk the labyrinth and check out the sunset.

Bring an appetite because BJ’S POTJIE PALACE will be doing the catering for us. Bring some cash for a home cooked meal of note. you wont regret it!
And of course, there will be a selection pancakes and other sweet stuff too.
We have soft drinks, some craft beers on tap, and coffees running all evening.

There will be a DC MERCHANDISE STAND with T-shirts, info-packs, sticker packs and flyers – another great reason to bring some cash. (we’ve got a great new run of embroidered DC red or black T-shirts – just sayin’)

A movie night wouldn’t be the same without a RAFFLE. A 20 buck ticket will put you in line for a Bongalong BONG, An original STRAINHUNTERS hoodie and a collectors STRAINHUNTERS T-SHIRT. – another excellent reason to bring some cash!


and just to let you know, we also need to start kicking you out by 11pm because some of the equipment we need to rent has to go elsewhere……..

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Jazzfarm. Directions are on the front page of www.jazzfarm.co.za