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What could legal “Private Dagga” mean for daggafarians?

If the 11 judges dismiss the State’s appeal in the proceedings the judgment legalising the private cultivation, possession and use of dagga must be upheld and the Drug & Trafficking Act of 1992 must be amended.

The commercialization and industrialization of dagga will remain mostly illegal and inaccessible to the average person. None the less a ruling in favor of #PrivateDagga will be a victory in the #DaggaRevolution as you would now have the right to grow, possess and use dagga in your private capacity.

This victory would break down the stigma. It’s now OK to be #daggafari. We are no longer seen as criminals in the eyes of the law and even employer health policies must make accommodations because no longer could you be fired for merely testing #DaggaPositive.

The minister of police would have to issue an immediate mandate to all their departments notifying them that they may no longer affect the arrest of #daggafarians who grow, posses or use dagga in their private capacity.

Some of the technicalities must still be smoked out. Where will you be allowed to grow, use and posses dagga? The current assumption is that your privacy is only limited to your home however this is untrue. An example of this is when you are in public the contents of your pockets are also private without a search warrant, so is your vehicle. On privately owned property your #DaggaRights will also be protected, that is if the owner of the property does not mind the smell of dagga and leaves you standing with a lit joint on the pavement after calling the police. 😀

You would lawfully be allowed to grow, transport and use dagga in any private space without fear of persecution as long as you do not commercialise and monetise it.

Only when the Drug & Trafficking Act is changed would we be able to say with certainty how victorious we were on this day (07/11/2017).


Manifesto van ‘n Daggaroker

Met respek vir alle daggarokers

“Ek is ‘n daggaroker, ‘n trotse Suid Afrikaanse daggaroker .
Deur om dagga te rook soos wat ek wil is ek meer vry om te wees wie ek is.
In my geestelike lewe beskou ek daggakoppe
as die vrugte van ‘n heilige boom wat kennis bestee
en wat my toelaat om die stem van die Skepper van die Heelal te hoor.
Ek rook die “Ek Is Wie Ek Is” boom. Ek rook die boom van die Lewe.
Ek is ‘n lid van die Daggakultuur van Suid Afrika,
Ek is ‘n daggaroker.”

“Ek skend vir niemand nie as ek dagga gebruik.
Ek verwerp die wet wat se ek is ‘n verslaafde en ‘n misdadiger omdat ek dagga rook.
Ek dring aan op my vryheid en my regte
om dagga te plant, te oes, te verwerk, te eet, of rook,
en vir enige persoonlike doelwit te gebruik
solank ek ander mense se regte respekteer
volgens die Grondwet van ons land. ”

“Ek sal strewe na my regte om met dagga te handel
En om ‘n volhoubare dagga ekonomie in Afrika te stig
In ‘n manier wat ons Aarde sal respekteer en die nageslagte sal baat.
Ek sal dit doen deur om met ander daggarokers saam te werk en probeer help,
Ek sal daggasaad beskerm en plant,
Ek sal die Dagga Party van Suid Afrika in verkiesings steun.
en soos ek gese het,
Ek sal dagga rook soos wat ek wil. ”

deur BLAZE 1. 10 March 2008

Respectfully Decline Unlawful Searches – Do Not Refuse

Update: “After refusing a random body search on the train, by SAP, I was taken under guard to the Cape Town Station SAP office, and forcibly searched without a warrant. They got nothing, and let me go. I got their names to lay a complaint. I live in a constitutional democracy, not a police state. No warrant, no search. – Jeremy Acton, Dagga Party.”

Breaking News: Jeremy David Acton, leader of the Dagga Party of South Africa has been taken into custody, at Caledon Square in Cape Town, until a warrant can be presented to authorise a search on his person.

Jeremy was taken into custody after he refused to be searched by a mob of cops on the train. They have now taken him to Caledon Square. Where they will search him. We are unsure if a warrant is being issued or will they continue with a search without a warrant.

See this video maybe it can help you in a similar situation.

Respectfully decline unlawful searches and You can go v2.0

Peace officers upholding the law.

For those that do not understand and think that this is promoting lawlessness, consider that all crimes are still punishable under common law. Should you harm anyone with your recklessness you are fully liable and no amount of money can buy you out of it, as it can with statutes and acts. Without good excuse, the punishment under common law trail by jury for harming someone on the road is severe, and a very effective deterrent that cultivates responsible driving (and living). It is a big statement, but in my opinion there is no need for licenses etc. at all. A person with money is hypothetically (probably provably) much less likely to adhere to a speed limit for example, because on a psychological level he knows he can afford the ticket. How can a rich guy legally be less liable proportionately than a poor guy? This is the end-result of consenting to statutes and acts. It cultivates irresponsible behavior and disregard for others.

P.S. A “police man” wears two hats. One is as a police official, enforcing statutes and acts through your consent. The other is a Peace officer, who took an oath to uphold the common law and keep the peace. A peace officer may arrest people.

Arrest: Arrest, when used in its ordinary and natural sense, means the apprehension of a person or the deprivation of a person’s liberty. The question whether the person is under arrest or not depends not on the legality of the arrest, but on whether the person has been deprived of personal liberty of movement

Constitutional Attorney: Liberty is our inherent possession. Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ozaAqmLTFY

Above is re: California County Passes Historical Law Declaring Right to Self-Governance. As of November 4th, 2014, over 650 police (peace) officers, sheriffs and public officials have put their signature to the CSPOA constitution.