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Dagga Couple’s HotBox Hosts Duped

On episode 51 of the Dagga Couple’s The HotBox Show, the hosts are duped during a live broadcast into believing a fraudulent memorandum claiming to be from the police was real, when it was indeed a fake.

The female host read aloud the memo highlights calling for the police to stop arresting people for dealing and possession for dagga less than 3kg. The entire crew along with the hosts celebrates. They then thank a certain Rob for sending them the document.

Later in the show one of the hosts, William “Buzz” Wallace of The High Co, asks: “who has the balls to call Colonel van Staden, using the number on the document, to confirm it’s authenticity?”

One of the crew members call the number and speak to a male who then impersonates an officer of the law and commits fraud for a second time when he confirms that his memo is legitimate police documents.

Dagga Magazine did not receive feedback from the police by the time of publication of our first article, #PrivateDagga limited to 3kg. We only became aware of the fraud when News24 picked up on our story, so did The Citizen.

According to the article by News24 the police will not be investigating this criminal act but may continue to arrest people for dagga when they want to.

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