TV Crew Stashed Weed In Puppet’s Head

The crew behind the famous French news puppet show “Les Guignols” have admitted how they once managed to take their huge stash of weed to the Cannes Film Festival without being caught by police – they hid it inside the head of the Jacques Chirac puppet.

The TV crew managed to secretly transport 1.5 kilos of hash inside the head of the Jacques Chirac puppet for the show “Les Guignols de l’Info”, journalist Philippe Vandel revealed this week in an interview with La Médiasphère.

Host Julien Arnaud prompted his guest to confirm whether the rumours were true that the team used to hide weed in their puppets when they went along to the annual Cannes film festival each May.

“It’s both true and false,” Vandel said initially.

Then he opened up a little.

“One day, they wanted to bring this massive lump of hash (what the French call “shit”). There were these trailers with equipment to take to Cannes and they hid the lump inside the head of the puppet of Jacques Chirac who was president at the time.”

So why the Chirac puppet and not a different one?

“The only reason was that if they had been caught,” Vandel said, “the headline would have read: one and a half kilos of ‘shit’ in Jacques Chirac’s head.”

Broadcast on TV channel Canal+, “Les Guignols de l’Info” is a popular satirical news show involving puppets of famous French politicians and celebrities. It is the French version of the UK’s Spitting Image which has long since bit the dust.

Feature Image: Parody featuring Chester Missing interviewing the Jacques Chirac, we can only imagine what Conrad Koch stash inside Chester Missing’s head. Fizzers?
Article Source: TV crew stashed weed in Jacques Chirac’s ‘head’

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