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Our Government Must Be Drunk As Fuck

2016 is halfway gone and South Africa is still in the dark ages on the restoration of dagga rights.

As seen on Republic of Good Dope on Facebook
As seen on Republic of Good Dope on Facebook


This begs the question: Is our government drunk as fuck on their crackling from the Parliamentary basement cellar?

No, seriously!

Dagga funded politics

The current ruling party funded their political agenda with the help of a dagga industry during apartheid even though it was at the time and still is today considered by “authorities” an illicit industry, the African National Congress have always known the roots of apartheid dagga law.

Major advances in dagga science

They have witnessed the amazing scientific discoveries regarding dagga research of the past 15 years.

With the most abundant and most liberating research being released in the last 5 years.

Yet more than 22 years into their reign they are now responsible for jailing a segment of the rainbow nation whom chooses to self medicate with dagga

The bloody agents still only focus on the propaganda, the negative and misinterpreted information while the positive & liberating research is ignored and somehow non-existent in their reality.

Corrupted consensus of the masses

To the consciousness of the general South African public dagga is a sin, a harmful gateway drug instilled by 100 years of propaganda, lies, pseudo-science and the brutal enforcement of unjust laws.

Thus the general & lawful consensus of dagga in South Africa is corrupted and delusional meanwhile politicians in Parliament get drunk on their legal drugs from the basement cellar before choosing to ignore or make irrational decisions that effect all daggafarians of South Africa.

Is government too drunk to legalise the herb?

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