Daggarookers demand intervention by SAHRC

The Dagga Culture of South Africa have penned a letter of complaint to the South African Human Rights Commission to intervene a spate of right violations where the right to cultivate, possess and use dagga in private have been infringed upon by the South African Police Service.

Dagga smokers are demanding for a clear concise message from the police on where they stand in regards to their private dagga rights. They are now also demanding that access to dagga should be improved, it is not practical for every daggafarian to grow their own supply. Barter or the private trade of dagga should be allowed. All daggafarians must have access to unadulterated, high grade and affordable dagga, similar to tobacco and alcohol.

Letter sent to the South African Human Rights Commission

To whom it may concern,

We, the dagga culture of South Africa, daggafarians, daggarookers, rastafarians and ordinary South Africans demand that the South African Human Rights Commission intervene on a national level with police on the matter regarding private dagga rights.

Our people are still being victimized and impaired from exercising our rights. The injustice we face as a culture is similar to that of apartheid styled policing. Do not forget that the police to this day still base their enforcement on old apartheid anti-dagga laws which have since been declared invalid.

Here is an example of a rights violation in regards to private dagga rights: facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156731339346727&id=630596726

Will the SAHRC investigate this matter on behalf of all South African citizens?

The entire police force must be educated on these rights and all daggafarians of South Africa deserve to have a clear concise message from the police and know where they stand.

We cannot allow another second of victimization as our people have suffered for too long. We are a culture, not criminals.

Please defend us, because we stand alone. Please do not ignore our cries because we stand strong, as one.

Highest regards,
the Dagga Culture of South Africa.

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  1. Here in South Africa Police Service is poorly because of the lack of Knowledge and overstanding. Especially we Rastafarians to puff cannabis is not a fashion or a style it is the way of giving thanks by burning the essence. We don’t want this as we are being neglected after so much Rastafarian fought to liberate this country as we fought.

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