Where is cannabis regulation?

There is still no trace of any bill before Parliament.

Our hunt for information begins

Today marks the third day since we started researching the current status of the Regulation of Cannabis Bill and exactly where it is in the process between Justice, the Cabinet and Parliament. 

We first contact Chrispin Phiri, spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services. We have made multiple attempts via email and WhatsApp and are still waiting on correspondence.

We also contacted government spokesperson, Phumla Williams, on email and WhatsApp and it has also gone unanswered.

Finally, we contacted Moloto Mothapo, Parliamentary spokesperson, who replied via WhatsApp that we must consult the Parliament’s website for the status of bills before Parliament.

No trace of dagga laws

However, we could not find any trace of the current whereabouts of cannabis regulation in South Africa, but the search continues.

None of the sources above could confirm if the Regulation of Cannabis, 2019 Bill was a legitimate draft.

According to news reports, the Cabinet had a deadline of 31 January to submit the draft bill to Parliament. It is still unclear if the deadline was met, or if the justice department have had to make amendments to the original draft.

We will not stop hunting for information on the current status of dagga regulation.

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