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Protest over mask laws turn into brawl at TOPS

Sheldon Cramer, who is well known on social media as Bobby Greenhash has come under fire after a video of him fighting TOPS employees in Richards Bay has gone viral.

The incident turned into a brutal fight after Cramer disagreed with an employee over store policy that customers must wear a mask to enter. 

In the video, Cramer points out that other employees are not wearing their mask correctly. He further incorrectly makes a statement that masks are not required under level 3 of lockdown.

This comes after Cramer made various posts over the last month inciting others to cause trouble for Chinese owed stores in South Africa as he blames China for lockdown regulations. Unfortunately for Cramer, his protest against lockdown regulations turned against him.  

The video is also discussed on the Dagga Couple’s hotbox show. William Wallace says in a way he respects Cramer for his straight forward personality. Jules Stobbs and others claim there is no sound on the video. Wallace, Stobbs and others say that the people who leaked it are suspects for sharing it.

Stobbs says Cramer should clean up his social media timeline. “He needs to pick the bones out if he is not careful. I stuck up for him on Twitter today. I said he is a good man. He’s got a great heart. This is his moment of being a total fucking doos.”

Joan Perry says “We all have dickhead moments and none of us are perfect. Just don’t do it with a fucking camera in your hands. As jy dof is moet jy sukkel, I am sorry.” Perry who aspires to be like Cramer says she condones his form of activism but not his behaviour.

Wallace says: “This is a fuckup. The number one rule is if you fuck up do not share it. Everyone is a loser there.”

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